International Security Consulting

We help companies to achieve their operational, strategic and investment plans by identifying, analyzing and managing security risks in the countries of interest in order to provide our clients with advice and support for the efficient development of their projects.

Global View

In today’s world, risks to individuals and organizations are multifaceted and continually evolving. Failure to properly interpret the risks companies face when they decide to undertake projects and investments outside their usual sphere of influence endangers the success of investments and puts the physical security of their personnel at risk.

Most large companies have security departments to identify, analyze, manage and mitigate such risk situations. However, many of the small and medium-sized companies that also want to expand into new countries have limited capacity to conduct preliminary analyses of security conditions (terrorism, extortion, kidnapping, theft, etc.) in order to assess the feasibility of establishing a business in a new country.
in order to assess the viability of their business. As a result, many projects can fail and even put your company’s personnel sent to work in the area at risk.

When making decisions to carry out investments in certain areas it is very important to take into account the national, local and cultural aspects of the communities where you are going to work, otherwise, the omission of this aspect can affect the security of employees and the overall success of the project.

It is here where International Security Consulting helps companies to know in depth the cultural and security aspects to assess the feasibility of the project and provide the necessary tools so that they can develop their plans with total security, efficiency and success.

Being aware of the cost that usually results in the hiring of this type of service, International Security Consulting wants to facilitate the development of the business of medium and small companies abroad, adapting the prices to their capabilities.

In order to achieve this, our method of work goes through two phases:

Methodology of work

Preliminary security analysis

We analyze all the risks that the small or medium-sized company could face in order to study the feasibility of entering the investment area.

Risk Mitigation

We are able to provide security and mitigate risks in the development of projects, or installation of new companies in the countries of investment.

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